Friday, July 8, 2016

Gun Oil- Force Recon vs. Silicone

Be gentle. This is my first ever Lube review! If I'm missing something please tell me! I'm always open to constructive criticism! Comment or Email me!

   I'm going to try my hand at a comparison  review, between two gun oil products; Force Recon(Hybrid Silicone lube) and Silicone. I received a ton of these samples in the mail the other day, for personal use; however I wanted to review some lube. So here goes nothin. 
         These samples arrived boxed up discreetly. There were several sample packs of each type of lubricant. We decided to try them out and see what we could discover about non-water based lubricant.

What did we learn?
    Both types of lube lasted significantly longer than anything water based that we had tried. The Hybrid Silicone(Force Recon) lasted three to four minutes and the Silicone lasted a little over two minutes; both were continuously and frivolously rubbed. 
    Both types also felt extremely oily (like vegetable oil). Neither one of them ever got sticky (which I'm used to being that I'm used to water based lubricants), also both of the lubes soaked in to the skin after awhile. 
    (Bear with me here!)
What can these lubes be used for/with?
     Hybrid lubes can be used with some Silicone toys (you should contact the toy company prior to using this) and Silicone lubes should NEVER be used with Silicone toys! The Hybrid Gun oil lubricant is like a gel consistency, which works well for anal play. This lube also has no taste, and a sweet smell. The Silicone lube has no taste or smell and would work really well for glass toys, and would also be ok for anal play as it lasts longer than water based lubricants. Being that neither of these has a taste they would both work well for fore-play or oral sex.
From the website (no quotes)
    Hybrid(Force Recon) by gun oil is paraben free and Glycerine free. Also it is safe for most non-porous toys. (Check with the manufacturer before use) Also this line is hypoallergenic! The hybrid lubricant also washes away easily with soap and water. 
    Silicone Gun Oil is also paraben and Glycerine free. This formula is water resistant and hypoallergenic. However you cannot use this lube with Silicone toys!!
    If your not sure if these types of lubricant are right for you, you may want to stick with a water based lube, Gun Oil offers H2O; which is made with purified water. You can purchase any of these lubricants here.

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