Friday, July 8, 2016

Lovehoney Flaunt Me Red Basque Review

I was given the option to review the Lovehoney Flaunt Me Red Floral Lace Balcony Basque. I jumped at the opportunity, this would be my first ever Lingurie review! I asked for the red flaunt me in large.
   It took a bit longer than I had expected to receive this product (between 2 and 3 weeks actually), but being that I have previously ordered things from Lovehoney I know that this was unusual! As always my order was delivered discreetly packaged and mysteriously anonymous.

Body type:
    We are ganna talk about the product but I want you all (my readers) to be able to identify with the make and fit of this better. So I'm ganna tell you about my body type. I stand 5'3" tall at 180lbs. I have thick thighs and a belly, I'm not real big. Thick at most with a bit of a belly. I asked for the Flaunt Me in large, and was surprised by the way that it fit.
    The material as described is Red Floral Lace; it is so damn beautiful and bright! The lace is luxurious and well made; I was not worried about ripping it!
     Bust: the bust area of the clasping corset fits well but a little small for me (34C) but being that it fits a bit small it gives me Amazing Cleavage; to keep his eyes on me! The shoulder straps are wide enough that they don't dig in or hurt during wearing it. The Balcony lace part of the top does not like to stay up and the cups on the bust are a little more pointy than I would like. 
      On the stomach/torso part of the top there are "bones" and a fitted arch that accentuate the hips/waist. Once I got the top on, I noticed a few things. 1) the fitted arches did not flatter my hips or waist, I am thick and it actually pulled attention to my stomach. 2) when wearing clothes on top of the lingerie, it is very noticeable! 3) 
The bones in the front and the back are majorly weak and slightly uncomfortable. 
      The bra-clasp top is very hard to do myself... So I button it, step in, and pull up! If not it takes me about 20 minutes to completely put myself together. 
     The garter clips are easy to use but the ribbon on them is attached with a small amount of thread that ripped the first time I used the. They are also removable. They do however put "dents" in my butt cheeks.
      The underwear match the rests of the garments, bright red; it is a thong which is SUPER COMFORTABLE! They fit perfectly and don't rub me the wrong way! There isn't a lot of material there to judge though (tehe).

Price VS Worth:
        Let me say that the quality of the Flaunt Me Red Floral Lace Balcony Basque alone is worth every penny of the $44.99 Lovehoney asks; as long as you get the right fit. It is honestly super impressive that it's quality is so good! The fit for me was a bit off which is why I experienced the above issues. If your body is not as curvaceous as mine this outfit should fit perfectly! Also, if you get this and find out that the fit isnt quite right Lovehoney has an outstanding return policy! For 365 after your purchase you can return any item. If this set isn't quite what your looking for you should check out the other  lingerie from Lovehoney. Also you can get great deals like this: 2 for $50 Sexy Clothing

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