Friday, July 8, 2016

This Siren has me singing

Official Siren Review

    I was kindly sent the (Siren Firm-CoreDildo) from goodvibes toys "Pleasure Works Line". I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Let me start by saying this Dildo has been a first for me: first Silicone Dildo, first dual density toy, first product from good vibes. My Siren arrived boxed discreetly
in a cardboard box. Nothing stood out! I opened the box and found it in a blue " Pleasure Works " branded box, tons of information about the Siren on the back of the box. The Dildo didn't come along either. Along with the Dildo there were three "Please" lube samples (I'll review them as soon as I get the brass to do a lube review), a business card, a refrigerator magnet, and a note from Goodvibes Affiliate Manager Andy!

Key features/Sizing
The Siren come in one size (we will measure up in a minute). A waterproof bullet vibe and the watch batteries (that I so despise at like $4 buck a piece) are provided in the box. The Siren is also part of goodvibes (Firm-Core) Dildo line. Let's size things up! The Siren is 7.5 inches total, with an insertable length of 7 inches, and has a Girth of 5 inches at the widest point(near the base). The Siren is harness comparable, waterproof, easy to clean (throw it in the dishwasher; top rack, wash with warm soap and water, or even boil. With any method you will need to remove the vibe). Also there is a large base, meaning the Siren is anal safe (if your brave enough, I was not).  Alright enough blah, blah, blah for now. Wash it how you want, put it in which ever hole suits you (I'm not sure it will fit in your ear.). USE LUBE!

It still feels weird to me to take notes while masturbating and directly after sex; but I've learned that this is life and I'm loving every minute of it. So anywho, if you read my (LoveHoney glass Dildo) review you may have seen that I didn't previously like dildos. The Siren was a BLAST to test! I cannot thrust fast by myself, so solo I learned that the vibe is buzzy ( and because watch batteries are like $4 a piece, I despise them -_-) but in my opinion with the size of the Siren the  vibrator isn't necessary; it keeps me feeling full! Lube is definitely needed because the "Firm-Core" Silicone is slightly 'tacky'; for lack of a better word. Not only that but it is draggy, add a little (WATER-BASED) lube and no more drag! It is easy to hold and has a broad base. For my body it is a heat seeking G-Spot missile. Handing over the Siren to my partner, the (Big ol' dick), urm...  I mean large Dildo only gets better. It proved to be great for thrusting; both fast and slow. The head is very pronounced and does wonders on my A-spot and G-Spot. Also with the head being so  noticeable, just a rhythmic tap on the bottom sends my head reeling with pleasure. Of course no toy is perfect. There are a couple things I did not enjoy. Most of this being with the Buzzy Vibrator; it is loud, buzzy, runs off watch batteries, and I cannot get it out of the end of my Siren. The only thing about the Siren itself is that the Silicone is a sort of tacky and everything sticks to it; but hey, I'm fine to wash it!

So... Here is what you need to know about the  Siren summarized (minus all the BS). It is waterproof, easy to clean, and body safe Firm-core Silicone. It vibrates but not great(that doesn't  hinder it's performance!!!) It does attract dust and lint so you'll need to clean before and after uses. USE LUBE(water based). This toy is rather large. So who would I recommend the Siren to? Size Queens, thrust masters, G-Spot lovers, anyone who  doesn't have a petite Vagina.

If you want your own Siren click here! (Please?)
Thank you Good Vibes for sending me the Siren to test and review!

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