Friday, July 8, 2016

My Love! Doxy Massager Review

I was sent the Original Doxy Massager free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Sent to me from Doxy with the help of Ruby Goodnight, thank you both for the opportunity!
Let me start by simply saying, I have NOTHING that compares to the power of this amazing massager! OH. THE. POWER!!! This wand is versatile. But (yes I started a sentence with "but") is it to much?

My Doxy arrived in a white bubble wrap package, very discreet, with no way of knowing what it was. At 13 and a quarter inches long this wand packs a punch! The head is very broad measuring 7.5 inches in circumference, made from"hypoallergenic medical grade non-porous PVC" according to the DOXY website. The Doxy is powered by a wall plug, with a handy power cord of 12 foot long! Four speeds and the option to "pulse" from low to high at different rates.

Holy moly the power this wand holds is something that even Harry Potter himself could not control. I consider myself a power Queen (if you ready other reviews we have already established that), but the original Doxy massager is CRAZY STRONG. The first three settings feel super deep and rumbly during use! This last, highest setting through me off, because it became more buzzy; enough so that I can't use it on myself because it makes my labia tingly. As always, no toy is perfect. I want to bring as much info as I can into light. The last setting is buzzy (easily fixed, turn it down a setting), the Doxy is very loud( Sir calls it my Helicopter), so maybe not the greatest option if you have older children or share your home. Last and probably my biggest issue, the broad head is made from PVC (which is known to be porous). The website does say that it is non-porous, but that's a hard thing for me to see. I hope that I am wrong! These things haven't stopped me from using it (however I won't use on my bare skin- porous material and all). The Doxy original massager is also wonderful for its titled purpose! Just using the Doxy for a back massage is like heaven! Sir gets tossed around in a big truck all day at work, so his back gets quite sore. I believe at this point I have used my Doxy more on his back than anything else. It works wonders on tight, tense muscles. Overall this massager is about purr-fect!
Safety Warning's
I'm including a warning sub title because the Doxy massager is the first product I have received with an extensive list of warning and "do not use if's"; I feel this should be included. The following list is from the Manuel that was included however I am not going to directly quote it. Please read before spending the coin on this massager!
*you are pregnant
*you are under 16 years old
*you are under the influence of pain killers or alcohol
*you've had surgery recently
*you suffer from high or low blood pressure, any heart problems, epilepsy, MS, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, or any skin disorder
*The Doxy should not be used unsupervised by someone with reduced sensory, physical or mental capabilities
*Do not use on any swollen or inflamed skin
*Do not used on piercings(I can vouch for this one, my hood cover didn't like my Doxy; I took it out to use it!)
*Do not use for more than 20 minutes at a time!
*Don't use under blankets
*It plugs in to the wall so don't use it in water
*Do not use near your thyroid gland or any part of the head, neck, or face!
I know that is a lot of Safety information, but I feel it is important to know before you go buy a Doxy!
I claim power Queen "Status" and the Doxy is by far THE. MOST. POWERFUL vibrator I have ever touched! It delivers Deep, rumbly vibrations on all but one setting! This vibe is damn close to perfect except
*noise level
*highest setting buzzy
*PVC head
If you have sensitive genitalia or don't like deep vibrations this is NOT the toy for you. I would recommend the Doxy Original to anyone who wants a broad vibration that packs a major punch! Thank you Doxy and Ruby Goodnight for giving me the chance to test and review what I view as an Iconic wand Vibrator!

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