Saturday, July 9, 2016

These wipes Contain WHAT?!?

I was sent a 25 pack of the Lovehoney Fresh Biodegradable sex toy and body wipes to test and review. They are to clean your toys and intimate areas. But are the healthy, vegan, or worth the money?

These wipes are pretty large when fully opened. They contain aloe extract, which makes them soft and gentle on the skin. The pouch is resealable so the wipes stay moist. The toy and body wipes are also paraben free.

I first used these wipes after a long, sweaty, hot day just to clean myself up. They left me feeling fresh. However they dont smell great! See I felt fresh and clean butttt didnt smell clean, that was a problem for me. I then used the wipes after a play session, to clean my Lovehoney glass Dildo and my Doxy Original. They were clean and dried really quickly. I decided after cleaning them to give my dildo a quick blowjob, for science, to test using the toy directly after cleaning them. It left the most disgusting taste on my tongue (but there wipes, they aren't meant to be ingested, right?). I went on a search for more information. We're these wipes vegan, it wasn't specified on the packaging? See, I'm not a vegan but I listen to the new Trysexuals podcast so I knew that Kitt from Curious Kitt was. I decided to ask her to take a look at the product for me, and this is what she had to say,
“Well the benzoic acid MIGHT be derived from animals. Propylene glycol and phenoxyethanol are mild skin irritants and mild neurotoxins, and slightly toxic to internal organs (WHAT?!?!). f I wouldnt eat it, I dont put it on my skin. Plus, these wipes contain a whole lot of alcohol.”
So I used this product on my toys and my body, HOLY HELL! I'm really glad that I found someone awesome to reach out to about the ingredients. Not only did the above info open my eyes and make me cuss myself, but i also got a great link to look up ingredients on my own. The good news is that Lovehoney offers a 365 day no questions asked return policy

  This product contains mild toxins and skin irritants, aloe and other ingredients, to make them soft and gentle. They taste awful, don't smell great, but leave me feeling clean. They also contain alcohol which aids in drying things out, including skin. I wouldn't recommend these wipes. In my opinion they arent worth the risk to your organs, and I wouldn't buy them. I'll stick with washing my toys in the dishwasher or bleach mix.

Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me these wipes to test and review. I hope the information I provide is helpful! Also thank you to Kitt for being someone I can reach out to about things that I am na├»ve to. 

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