Wednesday, July 13, 2016

BEAT me, bite me, please me, TEASE ME! Tease Lovehoney paddle

The awesome people at Lovehoney have allowed me to delve into impact play with the sweet and sour Tease paddle. They sent me this addition to my toy chest in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  This paddle is dual-sided. One side, a lush purple padded satin and the other hard leather. It is 12.5 inches long in total, 6 inches on the handle and 6.5X2.4 inches of ass whooping surface. As always, with Lovehoney, shipping was mostly discreet aside from the “novelty item” sticker on the package.

   Let me start with the fact that this was my first experience with impact play aside from the ever so often playful smack on the ass with Sir's belt. I started with the satin side on myself. As the spanker the handle isn't super comfortable in my hand. It's like it is to squared, but none-the-less I can still swing it! The padded satin didnt do much, reddened the skin a bit. In Sir’s hand however the satin side was much more effective, it left a prominent pain and very reddened skin. Leaving behind a lot of sting and me with bright red cheeks!
   Using the leather side of the paddle on myself did make for an interesting conversation with Sir. “Why is your ass so red?” he asked, my only response was Oh, ya jnow, just spanked myself till I cant sit down. I can truly bruise myself with this paddle if I'd truly try, but bruising myself aint no fun. So i handed the paddle over to Sir and bent myself over the edge of the bed. Holy hell this was an experience! My first bite outta impact play was a bit shocking! I have a delicious bit of bruising thanks to my amazing OH. Through reading other reviews on paddles, such as Girly Juice’s review of the Tantus Pelt Paddle I've learned that paddles can be described as one of two things; thuddy(good solid pain that lasts) or stingy(pain that is mostly surface deep). I would say that this paddle is on the edge of thuddy, almost stingy but just a bit deeper.

  Spanker: This paddle is not super hand friendly. Using the Tease paddle may not be the most comfortable thing in the world but I think you can give a pretty damn good veriety of ass whoopary with it; whether you want to tease with the satin side or bruise your partners bottom side. Also switching from side to side is really easy. Being on the giving end of the Lovehoney Tease paddle was a great experience
  Spanky: The satin side of this paddle left my bottom feeling ok, nothing major, just bright red cheeks. It's padded quite well so its really good for in-between solid smacks with the latter side.
  The business side of the Lovehoney Tease paddle is no joke. If you just want a reddened butt or a black and blue ass this side will do the trick! A few good wacks and you'll see a nice red colour. Have a nice long spanking session and take the bruising you desire! Make sure when you get your own paddle that you play safe. Get consent, use a safe work and make sure all involved are enjoying the experience.

Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this awesome paddle and letting me discover a bit more about myself.

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