Friday, July 8, 2016

Pjur Analyze Me! Anal Lube Review

Naughty Playtime sent me a bottle of Pjur Analyse Me! Anal lubricant for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Receiving & ingredients:
    This lube was sent to me in a plain box. I received a 100ml bottle which will last me awhile. This bottle does not have a pump top. This Pjur analyze me! anal is made with hyaluronan (which is used for vaginal dryness), which according to the back label "increases viscosity without becoming sticky", water, Glycerin, and a few others (there is a picture of the back label below).

Experience & Details:
    The description on the back says that this lube is good for penile, vaginal, and anal. It is also compatible with natural rubber and latex condoms. There are simple directions on the back as well (although I'm not sure that anyone would need directions). 
   The first time I messed with this Pjur lube I just squirted a drop on my finger to see and feel the thickness. Being that it is an anal specific lubricant, I expected it to be rather thick. One drop on my finger stayed just that, a pea sized drop on the end of my finger. When I rubbed it together between them it didn't drip. It was actually thicker than I has expected. Immediately from there I loved it. It is water-based, so it is safe to use with (almost) all non-porous sex toys, condoms (latex or other), and as long as your not allergic to the ingredients it is great for any place you need extra moisture. There is no smell or taste to this lube either; so you can use it for giving oral if need be. 
    Sexually this lube proved to be great to me! Its hard for me to judge a lubricant because ordinarily I am not picky (as long as it isnt KY© or Astroglide©). Also for anal lubes I prefer not to have a numbing agent, which this does not. I tested this product with multiple toys and all went well. They all  slid in easily once I was warmed up and it never got sticky!!

Let's Re-cap:
    Pjur analyze me! anal water based lubricant is: extremely slick, lasts up to 2.5 minutes, non-numbing, condom compatible, not sticky, and worked great for me! It could be for yours to. It is also great for fisting and vaginal use, not just anal. I loved this lube! Want to snatch up your own bottle? Be sure to use my discount code, TALKTHETALK

Thank you so much to Naughty Playtime for sending this lubricant to me. Affiliate links have been used but that has not affected my views of this product. My thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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