Friday, July 8, 2016

CalExotics Kegel Exerciser Review, sent by Goodvibes

This toy, which was released in support of Living Beyond Breast Cancer® along with the rest of the rest of the INSPIRE™ Collection by CalExotics, hits pretty close to home for me. Breast Cancer  runs thick in my family; and part of the proceeds on the Entire INSPIRE™ Collection goes to the amazing non-profit organization. I want to send a HUGE thank you to Good Vibrations for letting me review one of these inspirational toys!!!


     I woke up to unexpectedly find a white "USPS PRIORITY MAIL" package on my front porch. Upon opening I found a sturdy box with my CalExotic Kegel Exerciser from the INSPIRE™ line. The box was pink and clear packaged neatly. Written on the box was "Supporting Living Beyond Breast Cancer" and tons of information about the product itself. The bottom half of the box is sturdy enough (in my opinion) to be used as long term storage.

    I have a set of Ben Wa Balls, I've had them awhile. After having children and being very sexually active, I've often worried about keeping my pelvic floor muscles strong. When i seen this vibrating Kegel Exerciser in my Good Vibrations affiliate e-mail I immediately took interest. Not only because of my immutable fear of becoming loose but also because the vibrations promised that my attention would be on my pelvic floor muscles! The exerciser is about 4.25 in girth and roughly 2.5 inches long; not including the retrieval cord. Super soft silicone insures a comfortable fit and it has a remote that "can reach up to (approx.) 10 ft. away." Let me start with the shorter list; which is the negative aspects. So, it is USB rechargeable; however the chargers connection is not great! Half the time it doesn't fully charge either the remote or the actual Kegel exerciser. It irks me! The vibrations are a bit weak for me, but not buzzy in the least. The retrieval cord is uncomfortable between my labia when wore with clothes. Lastly the information on the box says the remote works from quite a distance; however it does not, it works about 3 foot away. Anywho... lets move along! The Kegel Exerciser is magnificent! The vibrations defiantly do keep my attention on tightening the right muscles! The insertable portion of the toy is a bit larger than I expected; but that was ok because it still works very well! After using the CalExotic INSPIRE™ Kegel Exerciser sent to me by Good Vibrations, I have actually thrown out the Ben Wa Balls and turned totally to this! Not only is the product great but it is for an even more amazing non-profit organization. This whole line of toys gives back to woman all over the world who have struggled, fought, and survived Breast Cancer!

The remote dont go super far, and the charger isn't great. The Kegel Exerciser from the INSPIRE™ line by CalExotics is an awesome product for working your pelvic floor muscles. I would highly this product for anyone looking to work this muscle group. Also a percentage of the proceeds get donated to LIVING BEYOND BREAST CANCER®, and that in itself is amazing to me! You can purchase the CalExotic Kegel Exerciser or any of the rest of the INSPIRE™ line here!

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