Friday, July 8, 2016

Jo H2O anal original review

Yay for lube! This is the last of four lube reviews brought to you by Naughty Playtime. My drawers are stocked up with lube now. Jo H2O ANAL Original lube is a cheap lube option. Admittedly, my least favorite of the four I recently received.
Packaging and Ingredients:
   I received this lube packaged discreetly, wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded by extra packaging; so it didn't shake, rattle, or roll. This formula is made with a mix of:
•Water (Aqua)
•Cellulose Gum
The summary on the Jo website says that it is “formulated using a pure plant sourced Glycerin”.
Experience and Thoughts:
   My experience with this lube was short lived,  multiple times. We used it Vaginally and anally. Neither were very grand. I used the lube four times. Being that there are Parabens in this lube there are health concerns. With my natural moisture and all, vaginally the lube need not be re-applied to much. When it came time for clean up however, it was a sticky mess that wasn't the easiest to clean.
    Anally this lube was decent at best for us. We had to re-apply multiple times. Thus making the sticky messy clean-up even worse. We used this lube four different times, and used about half the bottle. If you read my Sliquid Sassy review, you know that anal penetration usually causes a bit of discomfort for me, with this lube that wasn't hindered. That pain was still there.
   Ok so here is what I know. This lube contains parabens, which I do not prefer. There is also glycerin. These ingredients are not good for our bodies. The link above provides more information on that. The JO H2O original is said to be not sticky, to me that proved to be wrong. This was a sticky mess to clean up. It was decent in a general lube, however I definitely prefer my Sliquid Sassy or Pjur Analyze Me! over this. I would recommend this product to someone on a budget who maybe doesn't mind the clean-up afterwards. If you could swing the extra cash though I'd definitely go with one of the aforementioned options, either are worth the price.  

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