Friday, July 8, 2016

Jopen® Callie Mini Massager

The beautiful and luxurious Jopen® Callie™ mini massager was sent to me by Good Vibrations free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. There are affiliate links used, however this in no way affects my opinion of this toy; these opinions are my own.
     The Callie™ massager was sent to me via USPS Priority Mail. It arrived completely under the radar; in a white box. When I opened the box the mini massager was in an extremely beautiful white box; which screamed luxury to me (Small town redneck). There are 5 (Yup thats right 5) languages on the outside of the box; along with the instruction manual. The white box is also lined with pretty gold trim, which is a nice touch!
     The Callie™ mini massager is a rather large "love egg" type rechargeable toy. It charges with a normal phone charger cord, which for me is great but I dont know about the rest of the world. There are 2 continuous vibration speeds, and 6 patterns. The Callie™ mini massager is covered in soft matte silicone, the bottom is gold plastic. There is one button to control the toy; which is on a wire and is adorned with a gem. It takes two hours to get a complete charge and the Callie lasts about 1.5 hours on that charge.
    I was really excited to receive the Callie™, this in my first "luxury" toy review! Testing this product has definatly been something new. The silicone that this toy is covered in is very soft but of course it attracts dust and lint, and its adorned with gold colored plastic. There are multiple speeds and patterns to choose from. There is only two continuous vibration speeds and they are somewhat weak in my opinion. I actually like to use the patterns with the mini massager more than the constant vibe settings. The Callie™ has a push button to control it, the button is wired to the insertable part of the toy and the actual button is a gem. To charge the toy you actually unscrew the gold plastic piece of the insertable side. It's weird and I feel that putting the charger there actually made the toy a little tacky. There is no way to keep gunk and grime from getting between the plastic and silicone that you put into your body. Because of the golden plastic bits, i dont feel comfortable putting the Callie™ into my Vag. I understand why they put the gold color on the toy; it makes it look super fancy and pretty. Its just to hard to keep it clean and sanitized when there is a seam like that. I used the Callie as a clitoral massager instead of an insertable toy, and even this was unimpressive to me. The vibrations feel strong and rumbly; but they didn't reach deep within me and pull the orgasm out like I had hoped! They stayed pretty close to the surface and just kinda danced along my clit teasingly. The Callie™ mini massager actually turned out to be rather disappointing to me. Ive never used a JOPEN® toy before, and after trying this one I hope that the others are much different than this one.
    The Callie™ mini massager is a love egg type toy made to look luxurious. The vibrations are rather weak for me; and don't penetrate deep enough (for my body). This toy would be great for someone who doesn't like super strong vibrations. This toy may be good for a beginner toy user, or even someone who wants a toy to use in public. I did enjoy the different patterns that this had to offer. Also the Jopen® Callie™ mini massager charges with a normal phone charger. The golden plastic piece that screwed to the insertable portion proved very hard to keep this toy really truly clean. If you would like to give the Jopen® Callie™ mini massager a shot you can purchase one here.

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