Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Crescendo Review


I am very happy to have received a Crescendo to review. Mystery vibes is one of the first companies I reached out to when I began blogging way back in February. So when I received my Crescendo on Nov 19th I was beyond excited. It felt like my blog had finally come full circle. The Crescendo held my attention for nine whole months, now it was time for me to open it, hold it, and touch it!

                The delivery was quick, less than 10 days to be a bit more specific. The packaging was discreet to start, no notes on the outside of the box to say what it was. Once I was in the box I was shocked with the presentation. The box and outer sleeve was wrapped in shrink wrap, like a lot of toys, but there was something different. I immediately tore into the outer shell, to get inside the box. Again I was blown away by the sturdy box (which had a storage bag not been included would be perfect to storage as well). Upon receiving my Crescendo, I also received an email which told me the directions along with the steps taken to package and delivery my Crescendo hygienically. Also in the email, it stated that they package the Crescendo partially charged, so you can; take it out of the package, optionally wipe it down, and start playing! This email was a great touch.
The Crescendo comes with 12 preloaded vibrations settings, and there are many, many more on the app that are available for free. It has a dock charger and once it is completely dead takes 2 hours to completely recharge! The Crescendo is long and thin, with 6, that’s right I said SIX motors. On the wider end on the vibe there are two spots that extend out from the vibe. The Crescendo can bend into any shape you could imagine. The Crescendo I received came in light blue and it is beautiful!!! The Crescendo is covered in body safe silicone. 
                The first time I used the Crescendo I was a little underwhelmed, if I’m honest. Not due to lack of motor, but because I couldn’t find any straight forward vibration settings. It was all patterns, and I don’t generally prefer patterns. Upon playing and trying to thrust, I found that thrusting this vibe is not my cup of tea. However, I had an idea that the Crescendo might be great for something… G-spotting. Boy, oh, boy was I right! I can bend the Crescendo into the PERFECT position to hit my G-spot just right.
                The second time I used the Crescendo, I used it with my partner. I was trying to explain that we could use the crescendo like a partner toy, you know leave part of it out on my clit and put the tip against my g-spot and use it as he vaginally penetrated me… He didn’t grasp what I was telling him apparently, because he folded the Crescendo in half like a U and inserted the vibe round side first into my vagina. Then he inserted his penis. He could feel the vibrations on the sides of his shaft and it felt really good to me as well. After he and I finished, he pulled out and cleaned himself off, leaving the Crescendo inside of me, TURNED ON! I couldn’t get it out. It was stuck inside of me, on my pelvic bone. I couldn’t do anything but laugh and laugh. Finally I got a finger in and got to the button to turn it off.  We couldn’t get the thing to turn and I just knew I was going to be a star on ‘Sex Sent Me to the ER’. After an hour and a half and tears from laughing so hard, Sir finally got his finger inside and turned the Crescendo sideways so it wasn’t stuck anymore, but in the process he accidentally turned the dang thing back on. Again a lot of laughing at my startled reaction, but we finally got it out. Even after this crazy adventure with the Crescendo it is still my new favorite toy to use with my partner.
                I also grab my Crescendo a lot for solo play to. It pretty much stays bent in my bag for G-spot play. After the first three uses I still had charge on the battery, so the battery last quite a while!
                To summarize the Crescendo… Hmm this toy is a lot of things. It can be thick or thin, bent or straight, curved for the perfect angle, or make you laugh till you pee. It’s practically perfect! It is rechargeable, and lasts a very long time. It is body safe and easy to clean. Many different vibration patterns and lots of varying settings between what’s on the Crescendo and what you can get with the app. This toy is crazy! SIX different motors make sure that the vibrations are strong throughout the toy. The only thing that worried me, was that once I had bent the Crescendo several times, the silicone seemed to be looser on the toy, this isn’t a problem, and it just makes me wonder if the silicone in these areas will become weak. I love this toy, it is totally great for me, someone who like g-spot play, solo-play, or partner play.
Thank you so much to MysteryVibes for allowing me to review this amazing product! I have not use affiliate links in the review. I did however receive the Crescendo free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.
You can buy the Crescendo from Couples Playthings or at Mysteryvibe


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