Thursday, December 8, 2016

Under the Bed restraint review

I was sent the Under the Bed Restraint System from Goodvibes toys. This restraint system is made by the company called Sportsheets. It is supposed to be amazingly easy to set up and the cuffs that are included are super strong Velcro. Thank you Goodvibes for letting me review this system.  I will be using affiliate links in this review however that doesn’t affect my view of this product.


This system is all ‘one’ piece. There are five nylon straps all attached together to easily slip under the top mattress of any bed. The arm straps and leg straps are exactly the same size but completely, independently adjustable.

The cuffs are very soft. They attach using a Velcro that is not easily undone, and it takes patience to get them off. These cuffs also adjust out and in very easily to fit most anyone.


                This system was fun to put on my bed and also fun to use. When we first took it out of the package, I was trying to figure out which was the head side and foot side. After focusing for quite a while I realized that they were indeed the same. I hollered at Sir and made him help me lift the bed to put the system under the bed. It was fun trying to get him to cooperate with me and use our teamwork skills. We got the system in place, and I immediately started putting on the cuffs. Attaching the cuffs to the system was super easy as well, which we did in a non-sexual manner just to get the straps adjusted to our full size bed. The adjustment was rather easy and it is also easy to adjust out to loosen me up.

                I feel like some people who are new to being tied down may get nervous about something that would take a while to get out of. I feel that the Velcro cuffs make for a perfect pair of cuffs for total noobs, because they are un-intimidating. Once we were able to use the restraint system for its intended use, it was absolutely amazing.

                The only other restraint system I have is actually just straps and connecters. Which can be a hassle for spontaneous scenes, which we have a lot. This restraint system is amazing because we can just leave it under the bed and just pull the straps out when we need them. Throw the cuffs on and we are ready. This system is also great for travel. Just slip it under any bed your using and adjust the straps out or in to fit. When I am strapped down in this system it really doesn’t matter how or which direction I pull because it is spread evenly in the center of the bed and it doesn’t move a lot. I really enjoyed this system. He also liked the ease of this system and the cuffs, more so because they are lighter and less noticeable than the other set of cuffs I own. I cant wait until we get to move back into our home and get more opportunity’s to use this awesome system.  


The Bed Restraint System is awesome in every way. I cannot find a single thing I do not like about it. It is easy to adjust out and in, it is easy to ‘Install’ and easy to move. The cuffs are comfortable and really light, yet they are surprisingly sturdy! I seriously would recommend this restraint system! If you so choose, you can buy your own here!

Thank you to Goodvibes for sending me this awesome restraint system. I have used affiliate links in this review, however this hasn’t affected my view of this product.

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