Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We-Vibe Tango finally rocked my world

I was super excited to open my newest package from Naughty Playtime Toys. I had no idea what it was but I was excited! I was sent a toy that has had tons of bloggers buzzing for a long while; the Tango by We-Vibe. I could only hope that it lived up to the hype for me.


  Outside packaging was discreet and the delivery took about 3 business days. The Tango was packaged neatly is a really solid box with a picture of the Tango on the front. The Tango comes in two colors, pink or blue; mine is pink. On the back of the box is a list of features (8 vibration mode, low power alert, waterproof, whisper quiet, and body safe). I quickly opened the box to find my new Tango. I was really impressed with the logo on the inside of the box.


   When I first opened the Tango I was a bit surprised by the size. It is little, about the size of my middle finger actually. I charged it up (which takes 90 minutes for a full charge) and turned it on. Surprise, this petite vibe is a freaking rumbly powerhouse!!! Going through the settings just got more amazing. Even on the highest setting I'd be able to use the Tango in an almost silent room! It truly is whisper quiet. In fact this is the quietest vibe I own.
   When I finally got the chance to use the Tango, my mind was blown rather quickly. Before this crazy adventure began, I needed clitoral stimulation to orgasm, or so I thought. Learning more about my body and sexuality, i realized even just clitoral stimulation did not usually do the trick. I generally need both. However a couple toys have managed to do the trick without both. My doxy will rip an orgasm out everytime, and my Rippler will provide G-Spot orgasms faithfully. My new Tango proved to be one of those toys. It gets me there EVERY TIME! It is so rumbly.
  The Tango is great for foreplay, on me or Sir. Sir will use the Tango on me to get me warmed up, give me a few orgasms or vigorously fuck me before he is ready. The Tango is also awesome for him. I use it on him when I give him head. It brings him to orgasm faster, and it actually brings noise out of him. He loves the way it feels.
   We use our Tango during intercourse, it is small enough to fit in between us no matter what position we are in. It turns any playtime into amazing sex sessions and brings out literal toe-curling orgasms!


  The We-Vibe Tango is a rechargeable bullet vibe that holds one helluva charge, and keeps the power coming! Petite as it may be, this toy delivers! Strong vibrations and great Patten's, combined with versatility makes for a great toy! I can take my tango anywhere I want (shower, bath, public) and have a blast. This toy is truly amazing and totally worth the price! You can buy one here. Also use code TALKTHETALK to get an additional 15% off

  Thank you so much to Naughty Playtime Toys for sending me this great surprise. I have used affiliate links (which lets me gain a small commission when purchases are made from my link) however that hasn't affected my opinion of this toy, it truly is amazing.

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