Thursday, August 25, 2016

I felt Super hot an confident!Lovehoney Sheer All in One Dress and Stocking set.

I've recently been on a lingerie kick, so I was happy to learn that Lovehoney was sending me the Sheer All-in-one dress and stockings body stocking for review. Also I received this piece 2 days before my anniversary, so that made for a great surprise for Sir.

   The parcel arrived for Lovehoney in about a week. The bubble packaging kept the piece concealed and the packaging was discreetly.
  The stockings wrapped in minimal packaging. A small gift box and a clear wrapper was all the separated me from it.

   Putting this on was a bit of a trick the first time. Once I took it out of the wrapper and unfolded it; I found snaps (which I quickly discovered was for the halter neck). To put this stocking on; first I had to put my legs through the torso piece and then one at a time getting the stockings on. Once the stockings were in place, I stood and pulled the tires and neck pieces up. I had to stretch the material a bit to accommodate my breasts. Finally the material was up and I got the neck piece strapped together.
  This piece only comes in “one size fits most”. I am 5’3” and have a banging (chubby) body at 185lbs. This fit super great and was so comfortable. The only thing that didn't fit quite the way I thought it should, was the neck piece; which didn't sit flush on my neck. Once on and in place, I took a look at myself. I'm not a confident person, but this body stocking made me feel some kinda sexy and shockingly enough, confident. They (whomever they may be) say black is slimming but I seriously loved the way my body looked in this outfit. All-in-all this piece is easy to put on and (thank the Lord) I didn't have to fiddle with stocking clips!

Happy Ending:
  I felt amazing wearing this, but it was time to see what Sir thought. So he walks in and asks me to scoot over on the bed, without even looking up. I said oops, sorry Daddy and stood up. My apology with his bed name got his attention pretty freakin quick. He looked up and for a split second, his jaw fell open. He grabbed me and just rubbed me. Up and down my legs, up my back, and down my front. He liked it alot. He couldn't keep his dang hands off me.

  So this sheer body-stocking by Lovehoney fits lovely! It is comfortable, and easy to wear. It will obviously not fit everyone, but if by chance it does not fit you have 365 days to return it to Lovehoney. I won't be returning mine, it will get lots of love in my house! You can grab your own right here!

Thank you Lovehoney for sending me this amazing piece. I have used my affiliate links in this review but this doesn't change my views of this product.

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