Friday, August 5, 2016

Pleasure Works Rippler by Goodvibes

Goodvibes is an amazing company to work with. Their affiliate manager is freaking great! They sent me the Rippler from their Pleasure Works line directly off my wishlist. I received the Rippler in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Delivery & Specs:

  This was an unexpected package from Goodvibes, packaged discreetly as always. Inside was a handwritten note saying that they sent one item from my wishlist.
  When I opened the box and took out my Rippler I was happily surprised by the size! It is SO girth! It measures 71/4 inches long, with an insertable length of approximately 7 inches and has a girth of 15/8  inches at the base. The texture of this dildo is so prominent.


  The first time I used this toy, I knew that the Rippler would quickly become my favorite dildo to-date. I luved up and inserted the Rippler one sweet ridge at a time. It was magnificent! Eventually I sped up and started thrusting quicker. It really didn't matter how fast or hard i fucked myself, how aroused I was, or how wet I became the extreme texture never became unnoticeable. Did I say it was magnificent yet?

  Finally Sir and I got a chance to use the Rippler together. He grabbed it out of the closet and tried to bend it. It does bend but not super easily. The Pleasure Works Rippler is made from super soft (to the touch) silicone that is very firm! There is not a lot of give to this dildo. So Sir stood me up and off went my pants. He made me bend straight over and quickly got me lubed up and ready. Inserting the Rippler slowly, then quickened the pace, to the point my legs were shaking. This dildo brings out deep, long orgasms, so quickly it doesn't seem possible.
  The next time we used it was very rough. When used though the Rippler provides a very strong rumble sensation. After a rough ride with the Rippler, my lady bits were deliciously bruised. Every time I moved for two days after all I could think about was that night.
  Cleaning this toy was a bit more detailed than a non-textured dildo because of the deeper ridges. I usually throw all my silicone toys in the dishwasher, but due to the extreme texture I washed this by hand the first time. A nail brush is my cleaning instrument of choice.


   This is a pretty simple summary. If you like body-safe textured toys that can give you a rough ride, BUY THIS TOY!!! It is marvelous, not hard to clean, body-safe, girth, and holy shit it makes my legs weak! This is definitely my top dildo so far, and it's gonna be a hard one to beat!
Thank you so much to Goodvibes toys for sending me my new favorite dildo. There are affiliate links used, however this has in no way affected my thoughts of this product. It is truly this amazing!

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