Monday, August 1, 2016

Maia Zoe Twisty Rechargable Wand

The people at Maia are super easy to talk to. So when I reached out because the wand that they produce grabbed my attention, they happily agreed to send me one to review. The Zoe wand looked amazing and it was dual purpose. I hoped it would be as awesome as it seemed!

Delivery and Specs:
  The wand was delivered quickly in lots of packing peanuts as to not rattle around in the box. Upon opening I found the wand in a normal Maia box with a front viewing window, a colorful checkered side. The Maia boxes are very pretty. On the back panel of the box, there is a feature list; but i'll get to those in a bit. For the moment I want to focus on the size of this toy. So, the specs are;
Overall- 8.5 inches
Insertable- approx: 3 inches
Wand head- 2.3 inches
G-Spot/P-spot end- approx: 1inch
Confused yet? It gets better!!

  This wand is quite powerful! It lands on the buzzy side of my spectrum, but it does have power. My experience with this toy has been quite the confusion. The first part was the buttons(which the instructions didn't help with). So there are three buttons. The middle button is the power button. It turns the wand on and off, but only shows a light it doesn't actually start any vibrations. The top button(on the wand side) starts the wand vibrating; clicking it will go through all the settings and patterns, holding the top button will stop the vibrations. The bottom button (on the insertable side) does the same. All-in-all the Zoe Twisty Wand works great! The wand side provided great broad clitoral stimulation and gave me decent reliable orgasms, although it does take awhile to achieve, unlike my Doxy Wand. The insertable side was alright, albeit a bit weak for my taste.
   With Sir's expert hand behind the wheel(he is a professional after all) of the Zoe it delivered great G-spot orgasms.
   The coated ABS plastic and the crevices around it gave me nightmares about cleaning them, so I chose not to insert more than about the first three inches, which if you want to you can insert more but you wouldn't be able to use the buttons.
   So for the most confusing part; the features. On the back panel of the box are a list of features, which state that the Maia Zoe is 100% silicone, waterproof, rechargeable, dual vibrating, and has 10 pulsation modes. Then on the side panel of the box are the “vibrator care instructions” which says to “remember it is an electrical item. Moisture can damage the product and also react with the batteries, [and] remove the batteries before cleaning and after using your vibrator in order to keep it in optimum condition”. It also says in the instruction manual that it includes “rechargeable batteries” and the charger cord. So here is my confusion. How is it waterproof but you need to remove the batteries, and where are these batteries? I can't find a panel to remove them. I don't want to damage my wand so I won't put it in water, just to be safe. If I do then I will update here.

The Maia Zoe Twisty Wand is defiantly unique, with a wand end and an insertable G/P- spotting end. This wand also has great features. It is on the buzzy side of things. The instructions and buttons caused a bit of confusion, but i managed to figure them out. It gives reliable orgasms, with decent broad stimulation. It is made from silicone and ABS plastic. The delivery was quick and discreet. The crevices on the button panel are a pain in the ass to clean, without putting in water. I use toy wipes and a toothpick to get down in there. If you aren't a power Queen, and enjoy G/P-spot stimulation this toy may be a great fit for you! You can buy your own here

Thank you to Maia for sending me the Zoe Wand in exchange for this review. There are no affiliate links used, the thought and opinions in this review are strictly my own.

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