Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kegel balls Charlotte By maia

The awesome people at Maia have been wonderful. This is one of several toys they have sent me in exchange for fair and honest reviews.

Delivery and Specs:
These kegel balls are 1 inch in diameter, and they are pretty hefty! I got a link set shipped discreetly in tons of packing peanuts. That's about all the details I have.

   The first time wearing these was truly a bit rough. These are quite a bit smaller than the ones I have used in the past, and also the heft caught me off guard. Before putting them in I read the instructions, which would be super helpful to someone new to kegel balls. Unfortunately the Wicked Silicone Kegel Balls did not come with storage (which being that they are so small, would be a great thing to have).
   Finally I took myself to the bathroom and inserted them with ease. I chose not to use any lube (if you wish you can use a good water-based lube) for fear they would slip out much easier. Using these while sitting proved to be a breeze. They never attempted to slip out. The only problem I noticed with them was that, while seated I never noticed them. They didnt work my pelvic floor muscles at all.    
   So, if you want to tighten up your sex you may want to get ip and do some squats or jumping jacks or something extreme (aw, who am I kidding, maybe just walk around the house). I chose to do some house work while wearing them. These little guys didn't like me at first. I kept having to sneak away to the bathrrom to slip them back in, the fell out repeatedly. Eventually it pissed me off so i took them out and washed them(soap and water, toy cleaner, dishwasher, whatever they’re silicone= super easy to clean).
  Everytime I've used them after the first time, seems to get easier. Now I can wear them for over an hour without incident. Yay for stronger pelvic muscles. So what would i suggest? If your new to kegel balls you might either look for a slightly larger/lighter set or just wear one of the balls until you get comfortable with that. I think these Wicked Silicone Kegel by Maia are great for kegel excersises.

  These Kegel balls by Maia are a great addition to anyone (with a vagina’s) toy box. They are easy to insert and (if your not used to them) they also fall out easily! Once I got used to them they stay in, through all kinds of activities. Add a bit of water-based lube to let them slip into place even easier, if you have trouble. At only 1 inch in diameterand slightly heavy, add to much lube and you better hope you have strong undies on! I wish they came with a small storage pouch, as many of Maia's toys do. Walk around a bit and feel your pelvic floor muscles work. Grab a set of these here.

Thank you to the awesome people over at Maia for sending these to me. Check them out. There are zero affiliate links used in this review, these opinions are strictly my own.

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