Friday, July 8, 2016

Wicked Jelle Anal Review

I was sent a bottle of Wicked Jelle Anal lubricant by Naughty Playtime for an honest and unbiased review.
Packaging and Details:
    The Wicked Jelle Anal came discreetly packaged. It is "Latex-friendly, Glycerin-free, paraben free, long lasting, pH balanced, (and) easy to clean-up". The blurb on the back label says "long lasting and never sticky, this super-slick, water-based lubricant stays where you put it... desensitizers have been eliminated from the luxurious formula to ensure safety, sensations, and pleasure." The bottle I received is a 4 ounce bottle.
    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I am not picky about lube. We have tested this lube many times. Testing it the first time on the back of my hand. With constant friction the Wicked Jelle Anal lubricant lasted upwards of two minutes. Which is pretty good for a water based lube. I did note that this particular lubricant feels very much like cum (which does make me happy). Upon this test I noticed several things. First, the Wicked Jelle Anal had no taste or smell, which is great for any lube. Secondly, I noticed that upon putting friction on my hand it kinda stung. Last but not least I realized upon drying that this particular lube did become a bit sticky. 
    This lubricant wasn't really for me. When we did use it sexually we used it vaginally first, which worked well with my natural moisture. It did not sting or become sticky while using it. When used anally, being that there is no natural wetness, it had to be re-applied several times in one session. Clean-up was not to bad and didn't seem to be sticky. It also stayed where we put it and it did not make a big mess.
   Wicked Jelle Anal Lube is water-based (toy- friendly), Glycerin and Paraben free (body safe), condom compatible, and pH Balanced. It gets a bit sticky, but not to bad. Stats put and doesn't run. Great for use with toys as well as anal. There is no smell or taste; which (unless it's flavored) is a must for me. Clean-up is easy. Also there is no numbing agent making it safe for anal play! I will be keeping this lube around and using on occasion. It's a great brand and a great quality lubricant. I just have another that I prefer. I will recommend this product as a high quality Glycerin free option! If you want your own bottle, pick one up here. Be sure to use my discount TALKTHETALK and get a 10% discount! 
  Thanks to Naughty Playtime for this great product to review! I thoroughly enjoyed testing this product, and gabbing about it!

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