Friday, July 8, 2016

TANTUS Slick is soooo Slick!!

Ive been affiliated with Tantus for awhile. I have also read probably 50+ reviews about the quality and amazingness of their products. Finally I got my hot little hands on one (or two) of their finely crafted hunks of silicone; I was impressed and a bit horrified (due to size). I received these free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Hold on to your seats and lets start the show!

     My slick samples came neatly boxed in brown cardboard, relatively discreetly aside from "slick samples" printed in tiny letters on the delivery sticker. Inside the box were unexpectedly two more boxes: a black Tantus Slick Large, and purple Slick Small. The boxes are mostly white but with viewing windows on the front and sides. Inside the box are Tantus bubbles and the back of the boxes are chalked full of necessary information. Yay for body safe materials!!!

Cold hard facts:
    Small: The widest point(s) of the small are 4 inches (base and tip are the same). The full length is 6.75 inches with an insertable length of 6.25 inches. The small I received is pearly purple and gorgeous!
     Large: The large (like the small) measures the same at tip and base and is 5 inches around. Overall length comes to 8.5 inches with an insertable length of 7.75 inches (talk about filling up). This bad boy was sent to me in Black.
Both sizes are anal safe, harness compatible, dual density, and made from "Tantus' unique formula of 100% ultra-premium Silicone". Both toys are also lint magnets, but super easy to clean so that isnt a big deal. You can wash with soap and water, toy cleaner, 10% bleach mix, or just toss it in the dishwasher.

    The Slick small is a great size, super great for beginners! The pronounced tip is perfect for G-Spot stimulation or prostate stimulation (depending on your preference). We use it to warm up to bigger toys, mostly. The Slick design is also great for thrusting; in fact i can thrust the small better, faster, and harder than any other. The large is the biggest Dildo I have ever used, it was a little horrifying at first. However it proved to be amazing! Holy Shit is it Amazing! When i got warm enough to use the large it was extremely intense and filling. The tip of the Slick did hit my cervix when Sir got a little to enthusiastic with his thrusts. I personally wouldn't recommend getting to rough with this big boy! (For me) Gingerly thrusting, long and slowly, pushed me to the brink of insanity, with the uniquely intense orgasm. It is definatly filling to me. I don't feel much texture aside from nubs or such, and the head of the large is wide enough that I feel it; in and out! I was not brave enough to try this anally. The Slick line is the perfect blend of squishy and firm, with a base big enough to hold onto even when 'slick'. The silicone is draggy but added lube fixes that problem. Both of these dildos have been added to our favorite drawer; small for rough and hard g-spot stimulation and large for slow and steady mind blowing orgasms.

🆕- I was finally given the courage to use the Slick Large anally (in other words, Sir, with consent, told me to lie the fuck down because I was going to take every inch of it). First of all HOLY HELL this toy is huge! With plenty of warm up and what seemed to be a bottle of lube we finally got it in. My ass has never been so happy or full. I've realized that I can actually use big toys and enjoy them! I like having rough anal sex which is also a new thing for me! 

    These toys are mind blowing. Wonderful quality, I fully expect them to last my lifetime at least. Silicone is draggy, use lube (water-based)! Be gentle with the large, it is big!  I would recommend the large to more advance toy players and the small to anyone who enjoys putting things in holes. These Tantus Slicks are worth the price, time and time again! Easy to clean and 100% body safe! No unwanted chemicals, dual density, harness compatible, and anal safe. Go buy one or both! Here!!!

 🆕: Enter code ELIZA15 to get a 15% discount on you entire order!!!

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