Friday, July 8, 2016

Love My Honey: glass butt plug by Lovehoney

   Butt stuff is my favorite stuff, and theLovehoney Pure Pleasure Sensual Glass Butt Plug gave me a surprise. I've only owned one plug before; a cheap piece of Jelly tapered like a cone; which was uncomfortable and porous. It would slip out EVERY TIME we used it during intercourse! My previous plug did not fit my assets so to speak. Due to my inexperience with plugs I just assumed thats what plugs did. I was thoroughly annoyed and tuned off of anal play. Sir and i, after reading many reviews, decided to give a plug another shot. I spotted the Lovehoney Pure Pleasure Sensual Glass Butt Plug, the beautiful glass and etched LoveHoney logo caught my eye (I'm a sucker for etched glass). So we finished our order.
The delivery man so kindly dropped my package off three days later, in a cardboard box with minimal details on said box. When I got inside I ripped open the box and found my little Sensual white box with the LoveHoney logo. On the white box was a picture of the plug, and a short description on the plug on the side. Inside my pretty white box I found my plug, neatly wrapped in bubble wrap tucked inside the black velvet storage container.


How it measures up:
From the other reviews I have read, this plug is somewhat standard. Not real big and not real small. It has an overall length of 4", an insertable length of 3.75", and a circumference of 4.5". The taper, as you can tell from the pictures at the end of the article, is gradual enough that it goes in with a little ease and patience. The neck is long and slender, enough so that once the plug is in place.!


I was really excited to try this beauty after the unboxing. As soon as Sir got home that night he immediately ordered that I go put the plug in. So off I went. I tend to consider myself (before this) as intermediate when it comes to anal play. Knowing that somethings tend to hurt going in, I slathered my plug in Astroglide©. This is not my ideal lubricant but in my small town, that's about the best we got. I point the lubed up tip of the plug toward my ass. Applying gentle pressure I start my LoveHoney rollercoaster ride, with ouches and ahhs. The first bit of the toy went smooth with no pain, bit as the front of the toy went in the girth of the toy began to stretch me. The widest point of the taper began to cause a lot of discomfort from a dry start. So I stopped, took a break, and began again. This time I slowly thrusted the plug, to warm my body up for the wider diameter than I was used to. Then with a bit more pressure against the toy, it slide in and I literally gasped with pleasure. Once it was in comfortably we began to use thisduring intercourse. This plug is in my opinion exactly how described, pure pleasure. I've never wanted to put anything in my ass more than I do this plug. As Sir enters me while it is in, it makes my vagina feel tighter to him. It also angles him perfectly to hit my G-spot! My previous plug would pop out as I orgasmed, the Lovehoney Pure Pleasure Sensual Glass Butt Plug stays securely in place. Either I'm easy to please, or this plug is AHH-mazing!!!

I would recommend this toy to anyone that is new or intermediate with anal play. I thoughrouly enjoyed this toy. Remember this toy is very ridged because it is glass. You can buy theLovehoney Pure Pleasure Sensual Glass Butt Plughere.

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