Friday, July 8, 2016

Confetti MV1 by Maia

Naughty Playtime Toys kindly sent me the Maia Confetti MV1 free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Make sure to go check them out by clicking the link above! Please!?!
This vibe takes batteries which means NO charge time. So I popped some batteries in and turned it on! This vibe feels very strong and rumbly in my hands. I put the kids to bed and got to product testing!
Shipping & Recieving
When my package was sent, I was given a tracking number. It arrived a day early in a plain, brown cardboard box with no indication of where it came from. Upon opening the package I found my parcel wrapped in bubble wrap surrounded by paper so the items would not move. I tore through the extra packing! Finally found  a NEON yellow box which simply said "Confetti MV1" and the Maia name and Logo.  The box also contained a viewing window heald shut by Velcro! This toy is bright as can be!
Measuring up
This beautiful brightly colored vibe "weighs in" at 8.25 inches long with an insertable length of 4.75 inches, and has a girth of 4.75 inches at its thickest point. The matte Silicone is squishy but not to much so. The Confetti MV1 is designed to fit the "vaginal contours" but as we all know every vagina is different.

Key Features
*Made from Body safe silicone & ABS Plastic.
*Fully Waterproof
*4 Continous Vibes Strengths/ zero patterns
* Fits well in your/partners hand
*Powered by x2 AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
*Easy control panel (on/off, up/down buttons)
My Experience-
Solo play- I always test products with my partner (SIR) and solo, which gives two different perspective and a more rounded review. So I lubed'er up and "got busy" with myself. Teasing myself with the lower, slower settings and working my arousel up. The Confetti fits very well in the palm of my hand to thrust no matter the position. The buttons (in my opinion) were kind of awkward, i.e- I felt as though i may hit buttons if i moved wrong. The vibrations were rumbly ,definatly not buzzy at all, until i was on the edge of an orgasm and my pelvic floor muscles tightened and the motor noticeably slowed (Is my vagina the Hulk?). Thrust as I might I could not make myself cum (however I can't thrust super fast solo). I've used the Confetti MV1 several times and each time I get so close but the power Queen in me comes out, this toy just won't puch me over the  edge when I'm using it alone. :-(
With Partner-
I handed the Confetti MV1 to Sir later that night and told him to get busy! He immediately applied some lube and inserted the toy, it was then I noticed that the Silicone does dampen the vibrations a bit, but not to bad! With Sir at the controls this vibe gave me a mind  blowing orgasm! There were two major mood killing things I noticed. 1) When my pelvic floor muscles tighten as mentioned above the motor slows(Hulk Vagina probs.). 2) When Sir thrusts hard and fast and puts a lot of movement into it, the battery compartment pops open; REPEATEDLY!!! Besides these issues this Vibe stood the test of time and did what most vibes cannot do; it made me squirt! The Confetti MV1 is great for thrusting, (If you can keep the back on) it hits all the right spots; A-spot and G-Spot alike!

In Summary
This is a great toy. It needs a few adjustments. I would recommend this vibe to someone(s) who are interested in starting to use vibes. This toy is a good couples vibe! You get a good body safe Silicone toy and bang for your buck! When checking out at Naughty Playtime enter code TALKTHETALK for a 10% discount on your order.
I want to thank  the awesome people over at naughty time toys for sending me this toy(free of charge in exchange for a review). You are awesome!

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