Wednesday, July 20, 2016

L'amourose ROSA Rouge

I reached out to L'amourose asking about reviewing opportunities. I was met with quickly returned E-mails, awesome service, and an offer to review the ROSA Rouge. Awesome company, awesome contact, and awesome product presentation. I could only hope that the Rosa would be just as great!

    Im gamna focus on the packaging a minute, because Holy Cow this product is seriously packed for presentation! It arrived in a bubble package and I didnt even know what it was. Inside I found the Rouge red box with the image of the ROSA Rouge on one side and the L'amourose logo on the other. I dug in deeper and found an amazingly stunning black luxury gift box complete with a beautiful bow. Propped inside I found the ROSA To sitting proudly atop it's charging dock! Absolutely wonderful presentation of this toy. You also get a vevet carrying pouch, a users Manuel, a charger and adaptor, and an authenticity card (which is also an amazing elegant touch)

Specs and Features:
   The ROSA Rouge is about 5.75 inches of insertable length with a 2 inch diameter at its widest point. Made from FDA approved silicone, and ABS plastic.
   The features include:

  • Self Heating- between 104°-107°F 
  • Dual Stimulation- individually controled vibes in head and base 
  • Completely Submersible 
  • Charging dock-super easy to charge
  • 70 minutes of play on full speed with heating on
  • 60-100 days standby battery 

    Oh Boy! This review is gann be a long one. So with just a quick minute to steal i hurriedly turned the ROSA on. Waiting a few moments to feel the heating element at work, I slid out of my pants and pushed my undies to one side. Finally with a little but of lube (which L'amourose kindly provided) I was ready. I slid the Rosa home slowly, staring by going through the 9 different modes. I knew that for me to orgasm I would need constant strong vibration. You can control the individual motors separately. I played around a few minutes with the modes and them stopped on the strongest constant vibration setting. I played for the few minutes I had stolen, to no avail. The next couple times we/I used the ROSA Rouge were short lived in our fore-play. Then it happened! 
   After a long, hot, and sensual bang with Sir, knowing i needed to test, I decided to use my ROSA for an after sex snack. I laid down and inserted the ROSA, twisting and turning to find the right position so that the insertable side hit my G-Spot and the base layed comfortably on my clit. Apparently my body is a bit stubborn though. My clit likes it abit to the left and my G-Spot a bit to the right, this was one helluva fight! 
   The vibrations on the inside are deep amd rumbly but I just couldnt hit both spots at once with the ROSA. After building and building an orgasm for what seemed like forever I was frustrated amd my hand was crampy, so i grabbed a bullet and started focusing the ROSA on my G-Spot. The two toys played together in perfect harmony. After about 10 minutes of laying there having an orgasm build, I looked over at Sir (who was just enjoying the show) and told him that I just didnt think the ROSA "did it for me". Then, something amazing happened!! I had a long, loud, messy G-Spot orgasm. Holy fucking shit was I wrong! The heat combined with the vibrations against my G-Spot gave me the loudest, deepest, orgasm of my life! My legs were shaking and I was stuck. Needless to say im hooked on it!

    This vibe is ine of a kind. From the patterns, and the dual stimulation to the heating function and the constant G-Spot stimulation. It took me awhile to cum with it, but it was sooo worth the time it took for the intense orgasm it provided. L'amourose has an awesome product that is the very definition of luxury! The ROSA Rouge comes with a ton of features and even has its own storage place. The charging dock is fit for any KING or QUEEN! This product is worth EVERY penny! 

   I would recommend the ROSA Rouge to anyone who enjoys deep G-Spot stimulation and/or temperature play. I definalty feel like you get your moneys worth with this product? 

There are no affiliate links used in this review. The opinions and thought are my own. I also want to thank L'amourose for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing product. 

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