Monday, November 14, 2016

Sinful Black Restraint Straps Mini-review

I was lucky enough to get a few new items from NaughtyPlaytime. It was a nice surprise, because I wasn’t really expecting anything from them until later in the week. One of the items in this particular package was the Sinful Black Restraint Straps. Which threw me for a loop at first. Upon opening any new package, the first thing I look for is instructions; which many reviews, like myself, don’t generally use. I just kind of made it a habit to read them first and experiment later. However there were no instructions in the box, next I looked for some online and found that there are so, so many ways to use this restraint system.


The Sinful Black Restraint Straps are just that. Straps. The package comes with four 12 ft. straps which are made from nylon (I assume) and four black vinyl attachments that attach most any set of cuffs. All the hardware is nickel-free
*the cuffs are not included in this set*


                In the beginning these straps gave me a hard time, but after doing some research and using my imagination I got them figured out. The first time I used these straps, was around my headboard and just my wrist cuffs. So no touching Daddy for me. He was mean and kept teasing me. I noticed that as I giggled and wiggled, if I was to pull one side the other side would pull the opposite direction.

                The second time was in a king sized bed. My wrist cuffs around a hotel headboard felt a bit dangerous, but holy shit was it hot. Sir had me cuffed to the headboard (face down, ass up) with just enough slack in the ankle cuffs to stay on my knees. I had no movement in my arms and he had the straps tightened short to where I had to be on my chest and my arms were straight out. It was magical. Doxy wand in hand, he made me stay on my knees. If I dropped my ass he would hit me with a new flogger (review on this soon to come). The cuffs remained comfortable no matter how hard I tugged against the straps.


                This bed restraint system was a tad difficult to figure out at first, but once I decided to just use my imagination and go with my gut it became a lot of fun. All the hardware is nickel-free, which is great for me because I am allergic to nickel. The nylon and vinyl hold up great for hard and rough restraints. The straps are 12ft. long each and will fit anywhere you could imagine! Let your imagination run wild with these restraint straps from Naughty Playtime. Use code TalktheTalk to get a 10% discount off your order.

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