Thursday, November 3, 2016

Icicles #49

I was sent the #49 from Naughty Playtime Toys for an honest review, this has in no way affected my opinion of this product.

     When I opened this package, my mouth quite literally fell open with the sight of this gorgeous product. It's sizing was very similar to that of my largest plug and the taper made me excited, but to be honest, my ass puckered a bit. The flogger attached to this perfectly sized plug made me tingly.

    The flogger is said to be made of "genuine bull leather" and the hand blown glass is super smooth. This amazing plug/flogger combo measures up quite nicely at 23.5 inches long. The plug has an insertable length of 4 inches total with a nice flare at the base, the width is 1.5 inches at the widest point of the taper. The taper is also longer than my previous plug and excellent.

    Plug: When I get a plug, sometimes it's easiest to try it out on my own first. I have another plug that is similar in size and feel, my Lovehoney glass plug, so I wasn't so nervous about this one.
    When first inserting this plug, I slathered it in Uberlube; being exceptionally careful not to get the tassel's wet. It took me several minutes to warm myself up to the taper. About 10 minutes all together to relax enough to push myself past the largest part. I could almost hear the *POP* as this plug slid into place. I'm not a pro when it comes to getting past the pain of sliding something past my anal muscles, I have a really hard time just pushing past it (if I'm being honest). Once this plug slid in, it was so comfortable.
     Walking around with it in felt so natural, apart from the leather flogger gently smacking my legs. The flogger against my leg gave me goose bumps, and was super sensual and sexy. It made me so hot!
    Flogger: So, on the other end of this spectacular hunk of blown glass, is a flogger. I want everyone to understand before i get to far into this, that I have not found impact play to be a major kink of mine.This flogger however is spectacularly light. I loved using this on my other half's stomach and upper thighs. There was something that I had to change, however, when he used it on me. It was gentle, it alone didn't give me the smack that I so desperately craved. I've never wanted to be hit, but this gentle *wop* on the legs had me craving something a little stronger. The flogger alone is phenomenal for beginners to impact play.
    The only thing I noted as negatives about this flogger? When first coming out of the package I found a messy situation. The leather was leaving black residue on everything but after a couple days it stopped. Also the care for the flogger is simple, just don't get it wet... What happens if it gets wet? I will just clean it like I would any other leather, but I don't think this is "proper" care.
    I finally got the smack I wanted from this. Sir and I tied knots at the very ends of each leather tassel, which gave a little more sting! When we used the flogger after tying the knots it made a world of difference, without being to rough for my weak ass and thighs. The tassels *smack* with just a bit more sting, and with a little more enthusiasm from sir, he can make it HURT. Now I look at things and wonder what it would feel like to be spanked by said object.

     The icicles #49 butt plug/flogger has proven to be a fantastic addition to my toy box. The glass is smooth and the taper, long enough to be great for a beginner. The flogger side is also dandy. being gentle enough for a noob to impact play with the potential to be just as gereat for an experienced player. The only thing negative about this product; cleaning the flogger is pretty much non-excistant, and for a bit it leaves black 'dust' on things.

I would definitely recommend this product. You can buy your own from naughty playtime toys and use code TALKTHETALK to get an additional 10% off. I also want to thank Naughty Playtime Toys for sending me this awesome product in exchange for an honest review.  

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