Monday, September 12, 2016

Erotica Review: MASTERED by K.L. SILVER

I had a lovely person reach out to me on Facebook about my love of reading. I quickly realized that she was an author or many erotica books. After talking for quite some time, I expressed my interest in her book MASTERED. She agreed almost instantly to let me read and review it!
About the Author:
  K.L. Silver is a wonderful, sweet person. We struck easy conversation and communication. She and I hit it off quickly. Looking at her author page on facebook, she has a large amount of books published. You can also check out her work on Amazon or grab yourself a copy of MASTERED! You should definitely check out her work (when you're done here, of course).

About the Book:

“Time seemed to stand still right along with her In slowed motion, she dragged her eyes upwards to his. Upon impact, everything tumbled into place. Comprehension dawned clear as a mountain morning. Apprehension came close on its heels, and was gaining ground fast. He knows! The quiet yet perceptive intensity in his eyes caused the exact opposite effect in Missy. Her ears began to ring
and her chest to heave. The only available course of action was to glance down before
This story follows Missy Weaver. She is a head strong single mother, with a seemingly innocent habit of being slightly tardy. She had always known she was a bit different. Missy has been employed at Ebony & Ivory (a high-end jewellery and clothing boutique) for a long while. After a long day at work she made a quick stop at the store. There she seen him, James Colton, her Master, even if she didn't know it yet. After her first encounter with Mr. Colton her life would forever be altered. From then on her every thought would be to please him and keep him happy, with of course the exception of her only son Christopher.

“‘Eyes down, little one.’ At last, after what seemed an
eternity locked spellbound within his gaze, he spoke.
His voice was no less mesmerizing than his eyes. Although
it wasn't possible, its resonance seemed oddly familiar to Missy. Deep and firm, it possessed the quiet non-urgency of a man used to being listened to. Used to being heard. And, most pertinent: used to being obeyed. Without hesitation and with no trace of fear, that's what Missy did. She obeyed.”

This book is seriously HOT from cover to cover! The love story behind the spankings and kneeling is also amazing. I look forward to continuing the MASTERED saga! You, you read that right. After you finish this steaming hot book, you can continue the passion and control with TRUSSED!

“Wrapping her in his arms, he buried his face in her hair.
He rocked her as a parent might a frightened child. He held her like a man who had just come this close to losing the most precious thing in his life.”

   Absolutely buy this book. It is well written, and in my opinion true to an honest Sub/Dom relationship. It is an amazing read and it will keep you wanting more. Caution: DO NOT read if you cannot fix being all hot and
bothered (unless a huge built-up and tease is your thing).  

Thank you to the amazing and brilliant K.L. Silver for letting me review this awesome book. I haven't used any affiliate links in this review. The opinions and thoughts are all my own. 

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  1. I'm absolutely THRILLED that you enjoyed Mastered! I know you'll love Trussed as much - or MORE!
    ps. You have EXCELLENT taste in books! LOL :)