Friday, July 8, 2016

This Crazy Wonderful Life: a bit about what I've been through

   This crazy wonderful adventure started out very innocent. We were merrily just trying to spice things up and get our minds on the negative things going on all around us. I have a feeling this post will be a bit more personal than the previous ones have been. After about two months, I want to tell all my wonderful readers how/why I started a sex blog

   In 2014, Sir and I decided to spice up our love life. He hasn't always been a super open-minded person so, we just got a couple of super "common" toys. We seen a website on an infomercial and decided to look through it. We got a small clitoral vibe made of ABS plastic, a classic "butterfly kiss", and a hard Jelly type anal plug. These toys were fun while they lasted, which wasn't very long because the products were low quality and hard to keep clean. We have bought things here and there from Spencer's but never really thought about materials.
   So here's where things get rough. Stay with me... I promise there is a point. In October my little girl who at the time was 4 years old, had a really bad accident and fell into a fire pit. She was life flighted to a huge children's hospital were we spent the next 7 days! Everyday they put my baby under and took her to debrid her burns. The 7th day we were there they told me that my baby would have to have skin grafts on her arm and possibly her leg. So later that day after her surgery, we got to come home. My daughter had casts on both her arm and her leg all the way up to her pelvic area, because they took the skin from her upper thigh. We made the three hour drive to the hospital every week for the next month.
After this horrible nightmare, Sirs grandmother(which raised him) had a bleeding stroke, which moved us on to the next major event in life. We spent three days in the hospital not knowing if she was ganna make it threw this terrible brain bleed. Eventually she got better, and was transfered to an impatient rehab facility.
   On Sunday Dec. 13 I got up and went to work like normal. I accidentally left my phone in another room as I went on about my day. Shortly after mid-shift over the intercom they said I had a phone call. I went and got it, my aunt said that Sir would be there shortly to get me so I needed to get my things together. Sir arrived about five minutes later and said to tell my nurse I wouldn't be returning. We drove home in silence. When we got home Sir Sat down on the couch and began trying to tell me what was going on. He had to be the one to tell me that my mother who was 42 had passed away early that morning on her vacation to TN. Her heart had failed, later we were told that she had a pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis. I'm 23 I shouldn't be burying a parent right? That wasn't all though, that wasn't enough on my plate. The NEXT day, Sir's step mother (whom other than grandma was his only mother figure he had ever know) passed away while she was at work. Sir and I were both overwhelmed and we turned to our sex drives to mentally detach ourselves from the world crashing in around us.

    So after all this, were ganna go back up to grandma, she through all this is getting stronger. We were finally able to bring grandma home at the end of Dec. I am a healthcare worker, and have been trained to take care of elderly people, so I quit my job to take care of grandma. I stay with her all day 7 days a week. With my income cut out, I started looking into ways to make supplemental income.
   I came across a post that said I could make up to "$40,000 dollars a year testing dildos", which upon more research I found wasn't true. Of course the old saying goes " if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". Either way I still had a lot of time on my hands and sex had became (for lack of a better way to put it) my security blanket. Sir and I had been through hell and we are still fighting daily to get back out. I am and always have been an oversharer! I love to talk about sex. We also have become more open minded in our sex life and decided to give this crazy idea a try.
   I've fallen in love with this community, blogging, and the companies which I affiliate for. I love getting to write, and feel very supported with you all! So thank you all for helping me through the most terrible events in my life, aside from my family.  

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