Friday, July 8, 2016

Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit

   I want to start by letting you know that this review will be written a bit different. Sir and I were on different pages when I received this product for review. To follow will be MY experience alone with this product, the way it fits, comfort, and my feelings while being in a harness; and of course the amazing silk dildos included in the kit! The Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit was sent to me by Naughty Playtime for an honest and unbiased review. Head on over and check out their amazing website!

Receiving & Specs:
     This item was shipped discreetly to me in a plain card board box with tons of bubble wrap and extra packing. The Beginner kit came is a clear plastic package; with a Tantus detail paper about the included items. The harness fits up to 60 inch hips, is machine washable and easily adjustable. The part that sits on the pelvic mound is velvety soft. It also has a pouch built in for the included mini vibe (which runs on one 1.5VN battery). Also included are a Tantus silk small(4.25 in long/ .8 in diameter) and a silk medium(5.5 in long/ 1in diameter); both are made from Tantus' ultra premium silicone. Included are two silicone o-rings ( a 1.48 in. ring and a 1.53 in. for larger toys).
Experience & Feelings 
    As I said before, this section will be written a bit differently than those in the past. I have pranced around in my Tantus bend over harness, worn it under my clothes, and played with both dildos. 
    Let me start with my experience with using the dildos. These dildos are wonderful! The sizing is great from beginner to intermediate. The silk medium is perfectly curved for G-Spot stimulation (on me) and the silk small is overwhelmingly great for anal warm-up. The medium has enough girth to make my ass feel full (I consider myself an intermediate anal player). They both feel great and look absolutely stunning harnessed up. Both Silk dildos are super easy to put in the harness as well!
     My experience with the harness was nothing short of amazing as well. From taking it out of the package, to wearing it under my clothes, it has been a breeze. The straps are easily adjustable and fit hips up to 60 inches. The velvety soft harness fits comfortably and the bullet vibe(which is rather powerful, but only has one setting) sits perfectly over my vulva to pleasure me while I worship him. Let me say, I only wore this harness under my clothes for review purposes. With that being said, the straps get rather annoying and is not the most comfortable thing ever. 
    When my harness arrived, the largest o-ring was already in place in the harness. I first tried the silk small, and when I pulled a bit, it slid out from the harness. After changing the o-ring (which is also super easy, just four snap buttons) it kept both toys firmly in place while playing. 
     Finally I'll let you in on the feelings part of this; but to do this I'll give you a peek into my normal head space during sex. Im very shy, timid, and self-conscious. I am constantly trying to cover myself when I'm on top. I'm very subby; I get my kicks by letting Sir take control and be my top. I learned something very valuable while wearing this harness. I actually enjoy switching roles! Much to my surprise I enjoy being the top A LOT! I think this Tantus harness is perfect for beginners, and it is awesome that it's compatible with other toys; so the harness can move up with us. Wearing this gives me confidence to take control in the bedroom! I also think it looks hella sexy on me.
    The only thing that would make the Bend Over beginner Harness better, in my eyes, would be the material the straps are made from; maybe silk?! It isn't uncomfortable, but if it was softer it would feel even more cushy (did i just make up a word)! The Bend Over beginner harness by Tantus is honestly the perfect place for pegging beginners to start. Easily adjustable (fits up to 60in. hips), and includes 2 easy to change/snap o-rings! The hip straps and leg straps tighten and loosen easily with a pull or a push of the plastic clips. The kit also includes a bullet vibe that slides into the pocket on the harness (and is decently powerful) for extra stimulation. Two dildos are included with the kit; a silk small (perfect for anal beginners or warm up), and a silk medium (great for intermediate play, or someone who doesn't like texture). This product is wonderfully perfect for beginners like Sir and I. For the price of this product, I feel like this is a steal! I would recommend this kit to anyone interested in pegging, but is intimidated by the thought. This entire kit has now been moved to the top of my favorite list! You can purchase your own here. Enter code TALKTHETALK to receive a 10% discount on your entire order!!!
    Naughty Play Time sent me this kit free of charge in an exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The thoughts and opinions in this review are strictly my own. Thank you for reading and thank you to Naughty Playtime for sending me this amazing Kit!

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