Friday, July 8, 2016

Fantasy Sex Deck Review

I received The Fantasy Sex Deck by Don & Debra Macleod from Naughty Playtime Toys free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Role playing is something I've always been interested in but never experienced. When this deck of "50 erotic role-plays for adventurous couples" arrived I was pretty thrilled; to say the least.

My sex Deck arrived in a brown box, as before not a hint of what was inside or where it was from. Inside the box there it was wrapped in bubble wrap surrounded by extra packaging so the heavy deck of cards wouldn't rattle around and move to and fro.
These cards are big! They are also very descriptive! Each card gives a: Setting (i.e. Living room), Prop (i.e. Couch, Lamp with red light bulb), and a Plot. The Plot is meant to set the scene; so to speak. Where your at, and what your doing to each other. Depending on the card you choose someone will take the "lead" role. There are three color coded card sections.
*Pink for her pleasure putting the man in the lead.
*Blue for his pleasure with her leading the way.
*Red keeping both in the spotlight and letting you play off one another.
Also at the bottom of each card there is a "sex tip"; this tip is to help each scene come to life, or easier to imagine. The idea is to draw a card at random, or find one that fits the mood. Pick a card, read it together, start playing! Sound pretty East  right?

I learned something very important about myself and my relationship upon testing this game! We tried repeatedly to play along with the cards, taking time to follow the sex tip at the bottom of each card we chose. Each time we played along as best we could, tailoring each card to fit our specific dynamic. We learned that most of the cards involved fantasizing about having another person or cheating. Please note I said most, not all! I learned that as much as I wanted to experience role-playing, if role-playing means pretending I'm screwing someone else in lieu of my husband I don't want to role-play! I had fun testing this deck even though Sir doesn't play along well. I like to think that we are an adventurous couple, but these cards just weren't for us.
This game was fun for us, we learned new things about ourselves and I think our relationship will be stronger for that! I feel that there is at least a couple cards to suit most anyone's fancy. I would recommend these cards to someone with more experience role-playing  as these are more 'exotic'. Thank you Naughty playtime toys for sending me these well made, well thought out, and specific cards to test and review. If you would like your very own Fantasy Sex Deck for yourself you can find it here at myAffiliate link. Also enter TALKTHETALK for a 10% discount

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