Friday, July 8, 2016

DrySpells and My HEAD

    What some people refer to as a dry spell, according to the urban dictionary is " to go for a period of time without something; sex, drugs, etc.". For me it is sex, obviously. And my dry spells are usually only about a week, sometimes about two. When this happens it makes my head go crazy. My anxiety gets high. I feel gross. Is it me? 

     In my relationship we are both very sexual, myself more so than him at times. When we go through times that he just "isn't in the mood" or he's had a long few days at work and is just to tired. I know those are the reasons, always have been. When it's been awhile though my head goes to a dark place. I start thinking that maybe he isn't attracted to me anymore. Maybe it's because he isn't happy anymore, or that I'm getting bigger. Even though he shows me I'm beautiful in his own ways. 
   If by chance I'm not "in the mood" it's usually because I've had a stressful day with the kiddos, my anxiety level, or "Aunt Flo" is causing pain. On any normal stressful day I want him to hold me down and make me scream, you know? Bang my mind off the stresses of the day. 
   When my anxiety gets high, my chest gets tight, my heart starts racing, my mind won't stop telling me awful things. Sometimes I wonder if he don't want me because he's getting it from someone else. Luckily for me and my small town, I know that this man isn't doing me wrong. We are to alike. My mind may be crazy at time, but my heart and (most of the time) my head aren't dumb. 
    My dry spells maybe hard for me to handle but if it's bad enough I have toys to stop the need, and nights of touching and cuddling to reassure me that my heart, and body are in great hands! I love sir and he loves me. 
What about you? Am I the only one who feels this way?

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