Thursday, July 21, 2016

Blog upkeep and domain needs

Talk the Talk with Eliza
Small town blogger
Domain purchase and Blog upkeep
Blog Start date-Feb 24, 2016
Currently 6 months in


Currently I am six months into this crazy blogging adventure. I am asking you to help me. I am looking to build my blog and purchase my own domain.


  1. Blog domain change: I want to buy my own domain so that I can make my blog more easily navigatable. This will also insure that my blog will not be removed for using affiliate links
  2. Personalized site: On my current site I am unable to add a menu or customize my template in anyway. I'd like to add a menu and be able to have support from my host.


I have a host in mind. He has offered me a free trial and also said that he would offer his full support and help with making my domain exact way I want it.


  1. 6 months blogging

I have worked hard, with the help of some amazing companies, bloggers, and affiliate managers, for the last six months.
  1. 20 reviews

I have 20 reviews published on my blog. Also another 6 reviews published on for her amazing pleasure panel


So what am I asking? Im asking that you help me by donating money. Your money would help me to buy my domain for the first year. Along with upkeep on it. It will cost $48 to buy my domain for the year. So that is the goal. That is what I need to raise. I would love to make this crazy adventure so much easier for you (my readers) to navigate through and search for what you want to read.

If you would like to help me on this journey you can donate any amount of money to me here :

Thank you all for reading and your donations if possible.

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